Ruth perspective

Fall 2014 is in the books! Although it was pretty traumatic for the both of us, Mr. Smartypants survived and did very well. The semester had some great moments, but I think we were both thankful to see it come to an end. In addition to John’s first semester law school stress, I had to swap my planning period for an extra class. It was kind of like a marathon…from what I understand about marathons.

In the midst of heavy stress and anxiety, I confess that I found myself wishing the time away. Often, I would catch myself thinking, “If we can just make it through these couple years…”

…then what? Then all of our stress will be gone and we can finally take a breather? Then things will be grand because we can finally embark on the next chapter of our lives for which we’ve been waiting so very impatiently?

Discontentment is so toxic. It poisons spiritual fruit, and makes it easier for bad things to nestle in and take over.

John spent the better part of recent months covering the book of Ruth. Ruth had nothing as most would see it today, but she never felt as if she deserved any better. She was thankful to glean in the fields and provide daily sustenance for her mother-in-law. She didn’t dwell on the past, and expected nothing from the future. She had food and raiment – she was content.

Ruth found grace in the sight of Boaz, a picture of Christ. I have the real thing, I have Jesus.

When I then compare Ruth’s perspective to my own, I’m met with great humility.

If I had a resolution this year, I suppose it would be to work on my perspective. I will need lots of help, that is for sure. 😊

As always, sending lots of love from NOLA!


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